Gæsteindlæg: Restaurants and small places to eat in Mallorca #1

Lækker, spank tapas
Der er ingen tvivl om, at du spiser godt på Mallorca!

Som du måske allerede har gennemskuet ud fra overskriften på engelsk, så er dette indlæg ikke skrevet af ”team Hideaways”. Derimod er det skrevet af en af mine bedste kollegaer på Mallorca, og du kan derfor være helt sikker på, at han ved, hvad han taler om, for han er lokal mallorciner med stort M. Læs med og hør om hans anbefalinger og yndlingssteder på den postkortsmukke Middelhavs-ø. God læselyst og buen apetito, Marie 

As a good Scandinavian friend described in another blog, for Mallorcan people, sitting at the table is not just an exercise to eat – it is an excuse to meet with your partner, your friends, your parents, your grandparents, the whole family. They are usually long meals, and we have long conversations over desserts and coffee  – which often continues with another coffee, or a good glass of wine, or two…. or with a gin and tonic, or two…

The Mallorcan way of eating, is characterized by having a series of sanctuary places, where you usually go regularly to celebrate any event or just meeting up with friends. Normally we go to a specific restaurant because we like a certain dish in that restaurant. For us, each restaurant has it’s star dish, which can be different for each person (it’s a very personal choice).

Vin og mad på Mallorca
Wining and dining..

A personal recommendation

The winery Bodega la Rambla in Palma City is located on C / Via Roma 6 (at the top of La Rambla de Palma, where the city’s flower market is located). Being in the center of Palma means parking can be complicated, so my recommendation is to use the underground parking that is a few meters away.

The business was founded in 1940. It’s had several owners, but since 1995 it’s runed by Jero Perez. The winery has photos on the walls which show the entire history of the business. In the past, Bodega la Rambla, was located in the middle of La Rambla and Errol Flynn was a regular customer during his visits to Mallorca.

When you enter the premises you mustn’t forget to look up at the roof, to spot the special decorations. Normally the place is full, and you have to wait to be seated – but I’ve never waited more than 20 minutes, and in the meanwhile you can always take the opportunity to ask for a beer or a glass of wine at the bar.

A personal recommendation: Ask for a variado and you get to taste typical Mallorcan tapas, but with the difference that they are all served in one dish. If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to ask the owner or the waiters about the origin of this curious dish.

More recommendations will follow – stay tuned!/Esteban 

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